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I can't set up on Mobile

Sonia Aristo 2 weeks ago updated by patchranger 2 weeks ago 2
patchranger 2 weeks ago

I am not quite sure I got your point right: what do you mean by "can't setup"? Please clarify: do you see any errors - or just see that the effect of price optimization is not applied?

I've checked your installation: the store marked as setup, the products are handled correctly. The only thing I've discovered is the problem in how the application reacts on product's changes: in some cases it wasn't able to create required product options. Now this behavior is fixed.
Please setup (desetup first if needed) the application using your dashboard - could you? Now it's fine or not?

In case of any questions - feel free to respond to this topic or start a new one.
Thanks for your feedback once more, Sonia.


how to install the Price Optimizer direct to my ecwid?

netabood 2 years ago updated by patchranger 2 weeks ago 3
patchranger 2 weeks ago

Sorry for late response - my notification settings were misconfigured.
In theory - yes, there could be such option to directly install. But the application uses Ecwid billing and tightly integrated with it. To pass around Ecwid billing I need to install (or develop) separate billing system. Otherwise it would be impossible to handle all of the billing-cases manually.
So the answer is: sorry, at the moment it's not possible, it's too hard to implement.



ben77 2 years ago updated by patchranger 2 years ago 2


I Added your app to my Ecwid store but it did not work as I expected so I uninstalled it (I did unsetup the app before I uninstalled it, however the app had not been removed from the front end of our site.

Can you please help asap Ecwid store id 110027