ben77 2 years ago updated by patchranger 2 years ago 2


I Added your app to my Ecwid store but it did not work as I expected so I uninstalled it (I did unsetup the app before I uninstalled it, however the app had not been removed from the front end of our site.

Can you please help asap Ecwid store id 110027



Thank you for reporting, got it, I am currrently working on removing the app from your site, will report back in case of any update.

Greetings Ben,

I opened the site from your email - is it the site you were talking about?
I see no requests to price-optimizer.com - so it looks like the app was completely removed. Could you please clear your caches - and then re-check if the app is removed?
Also: please clarify how did you determine that it is not removed?